Jamie Collins Legacy: The Secret Ramp In The Woods

If you grew up on the BC coast you are at least 1 degree of separation away from Jamie Collins. He inspired skaters on the coast, and still does.

Jamie spent three years hiking to the same place in the woods in the tofino, vancouver island area. He poured his own bricks, layed his own foundation, built retaining walls, all by hand. People don’t normally take DIY to the level he did. The ramp was finished in 2012. He had created a masterpiece, that would last for years to come. He passed not long after in a cliff jumping accident. But the ramp is still there, its location truly is a secret, the story and sheer awesomeness of the ramp is something we can all appreciate. Its clear that Jamie Collins totally crushed it at life. The Roark Revival did an amazing job of telling this story.

Seems as though Jamie was always into skating things in remote places. Watch the edit bellow and it makes sense that he would have the determination to hand pour concrete for three years in the woods.

Jamies legacy extends beyond his ramp, there is now a Jamie Collins Legend and Legacy fund. The fund creates athletic, and educational opportunities for kids and youth in West Coast communities on Vancouver Island. To check out there page and get details on how to make a donation CLICK HERE.


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