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Bearings need to be smooth, relaxed even, and completely at ease. Keep your bearings happy with lean, with enough lean they will roll with anything.

You know those totally amazing ideas you have with your homies behind the janitors shed on your high school soccer field? Ever wonder what would happen if you actually followed through with one of those? HR_TV didn’t have to wonder. They took the world by the balls and turned their hilariously baked idea into genuinely dope bearing grease. It. Smells. Like Grapes. And its called Bearing Lean. One could say that its almost lit (fam). It really doesn’t matter what your stance on narcotics is, if you don’t think this grape smelling, pill bottle, drug reference skate product is utterly hilarious, you are dead inside and we cannot help you. This stuff isn’t just a joke either, it is genuinely good bearing grease, we use it all the time.

HR TV || Bearing Lean from HR TV on Vimeo.

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Mischa Farivar

Mischa Farivar

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