#FlatspotDeckofTheDay: Subsonic Talon

The subsonic talon is a unique, line tracking downhill apex monster designed for exceptionally smooth drifts and all the control in the world.

You can spend your whole life mastering the art of turning left, and another lifetime mastering the art of turning right. But we only have one lifetime, so sometimes we rely on totally friggin epic gear to help us get closer to mastery. Here it is, if left and right are you two primary disciplines, this board has got it down. Its short, so it grips exceptionally well. Its wedge in the front, so it turns real niace. Its de wedged in the back, so it will keep its calm at speed. And its nice and low, for that super smooth tokyo drifting goodness. Anything else we could say about this board has already been said in this video at the bottom of this page.

  • Bronson Speed Co. – G2 Bearings


    The Bronson Speed Co G2 Skateboard Bearings have deep groove raceways, straight edge friction less shields and high Speed Ceramic Oil to make these bearing perform at its best.

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