#FlatspotDeckofTheDay: Root Shark 92

Sharks are supremely badass creatures. The Root Shark 92 is a supremely badass board tailored and constructed specifically for skating downhill.

Fos us Canadians, the Shark 92 is better thought of the Shark 36.2205, cause, y’know, inches n’ stuff. Meaning, its on the short side of long for a longboard. Better for smaller lighter riders, and a beastly accomplishment for bigger riders. It has a larger counterpart that is 96cm/37.8inches for those who appreciate a larger stance. Instead of taking a long time to use words to give you an idea of the concave, we’re just gonna show you a picture, it’ll make more sense that way.

There you go. If that doesn’t make sense for riding fast down hills, doin big skids and keeping your feet in the right place, than we don’t know what will. Apart from reaching concave feature god status, this deck is made with some swanky materials, helping keep it rigid af. Which is why we chose gear that would be well suited to riding at speed.


  • Mob Super Coarse Grit #30 – 3 Sheets 11″ x 14″ (Pack)


    #30 Grit
    3 sheets of 11″ x 14″
    Superior Foothold
    Wraps around edges
    Bubble-Free Application
    Long Lasting

  • Ahmyo – Akasha DH – 76mm/79a


    A 76 mm tall 57mm wide essence of pure Downhill. With a 79a compact formula for those easy smooth slides and soft ride. A Tall, vented and stronger core to maximize acceleration.For the core placement we selected something different. We called it “INSET”. If you have turned your offset wheels around, you know what this feels. The inner lips will maintain the grip while the outer one will help you drift easily when needed, even freshies.

    Diameter: 76mm
    Contact patch: 57mm
    Durometer: 79A
    Core: Inset (Offset)
    Skin: Factory


Sebastian Hertler is the mastermind behind the shape of this board. Bellow is a video of him railing a lot of corners and not sliding very much. Very european style, very awesome. Pay close attention because there are some secrets about apexing and gripping hidden in that footage.

Root Longboards X Sebastian Hertler || Raw One from Root Longboards on Vimeo.


If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at info@flatspotlongboards.com, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!



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