#FlatspotDeckofTheDay – Madrid Clause Grabke

Claus Grabke was one of the most iconic skaters of the eighties, a punk legend and generally overall epic gnarly dude. Stoked the Madrid Claus Grabke is back in action!

The Madrid Claus Grabke is an awesome board because it comes with an elephant in the room. Claus Grabke left madrid to ride for Santa Cruz after having a pro-model with them. His Santa Cruz pro-model had a graphic of a clock, very reminiscent of his previous Madrid board just to add some salt to the whole affair. Santa Cruz was larger and more fortunate a company at the time, so more than a few skaters migrated that way at the scent of success. This constantly happens today, and although we get upset and choose sides – who can blame anyone for paying the bills? At the time it was regarded as a big deal, but just as we forgot about those shifts in the past, the “sponsored skater loyalty” discussions of today will fade completely into the realm of the irrelevant.

Old dudes have come in the shop and one of their first comments about these reissues was the tension created by riders who switched sponsors. But ultimately they remember Claus Grabke for his incredible skating, no matter who released the videos. Speaking of which, here is a video of Claus Grabke not skating at all, but being the lead singer for Thumb. C’mon, you haven’t heard of Thumb? (We hadn’t heard of thumb until we decided to write this blog)


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