#FlatspotDeckofTheDay: Loaded Kanthaka

Loaded has an amazing propensity for picking incredible names for their boards. The design and construction is just as creative and top notch with the Loaded Kanthaka complete.



Thanks google. Well, there you have it. The Loaded Kanthaka was the trusty steed of the Holy Buddha. Maybe this is alluding to how skateboarding is meditative, and somehow aids in ones pursuit of enlightenment. Maybe its just a sweet name that sort of sounds like an asian sword. Either way, its a sweet deck that shines most tech sliding, due to its flare wheel wells and deep concave. But is more than suitable for bowls and parks. The bamboo fibreglass construction make it super stiff, and if you rock a set of tail guards to prevent razer tail it will last basically forever.



You can lead a steed to water. But sometimes you just need to set it up with the right gear. Here’s our suggestion for a fun loaded kanthaka complete.




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