Flatspot x Skateslate Bowl Opening Party

The exceptionally hard work of Charlie Tidd, Adam Winston and Jeremy Metro culminated a beautiful arrangement of concrete and wood. Passion and material melded to create a bowl of epic proportions and small stature. This beast of a mini-bowl is Flatspots’ pride and joy. And once the word was done, we had a party. Thanks to skateslate for filming and documenting the adventure.

If you want to skate this bowl, drop by flatspot with some small change, a bucket and a board, and you are good to go. Unfortunately the bowl shares a wall with the offices for a travel agency next door. Sitting at a desk and selling plane tickets can become a miserable thing when you can hear the wonderous fun of skateboarding 10 ft. away. So we respect their quality of life and ONLY SKATE THE BOWL PAST 6PM.