Flatspot Wheel Review: Sucrose Bogarts

The Arbor Bogarts are super dumpy for how wee they are! And just like a huge plate of Taco’s, you wont be able to stop until they are all gone, no matter how uncomfortable you are.

Levi Green and I went out and skated the Sucrose Initiative bogarts. Which was a fantastic idea, because they are super fun. We had reviewed the Free Thoughts previously, which left no lines at all. These little shredballs on the other hand were SUPER dumpy. Speaking of which, I interupted the session half way through to destroy a porta-potty at a nearby construction site (sorry construction dudes, it was urgent). The Bogarts are made with the Fusion Formula (which is in between their freeride and race formula) and the  Momentum Core. These work nicely as a go quick freeride wheel but would also be more than suitable for a double kick alleyway destroyer.