Flatspot Weekly 16.06.2016: Virtual shop tour, Sector 9 Omega Review, And Landy Ramathorn HighwayJam Pics

Its been a blast! Here is a recap of the rad happenings in and around the store.

Here’s a brief overview of what we are stoked on:

Virtual Shop Tour – Google Walkthrough

Flatspot Google Walkthrough blog banner

Will Edgecombe has managed to fit our entire store on the internet. Its awesome, you can even check out the bowl. If you haven’t had a chance to visit you should definitely give us a walkthrough on google maps.

Death Lens – Next Level Phonetography

Death Lens, Leeside Skatepark, Flatspot Longboards, Death Digital, Vancouver Longboard, Skateboard, Skateboarding, Vancouver Skateboarding

Are you bummin because your phone takes mediocre pics for instaswag? Landed the trick but it was out of frame? These problems are solvable without burning a hole in your pocket for the latest and greatest in pixel capturing mobile technology.

Death Lens make camera lenses for your phone! They come with a custom case that mounts the lens properly. You can choose between either a Fisheye or a wide angle lens, both of which are rad.

Landy Ramathorn Highway Jam Photos – Dylan Pierce aka NWorDIE

Nate Blackburn omen airship giveaway

This highway jam was EXTREMELY hot. We rallied Troy Greniers hometown – Abbotsford. Anyone who wanted a chance to skate a Ramathorn got to spend the day on one. And Harlen hooked up the best pizza we have ever had!

Click here to see them all!

Sector 9 Omega Wheel Review With Mischa Chandler

Sector 9 Omega wheels are one of the latest additions to the S9 wheel family, and we certainly approve. They come stone ground, with a pleasantly chalky urethane. The wider contact patch makes them very controllable with a clearly discernible kick out and hook up point that you can rely on. Whether you are trying to hit 3rd digit skids or only slide on two wheels these will be a fun and smooth ride. But enough typing – the video has all the juicy details you need!



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