Flatspot Decals – Support Your Local Skateshop!

Vinyl decals are super classy stickers, and now WE GOT CHROME BITCHES!

Stickers make you faster, pop higher, and fall less. This is fact. Chrome and Gold stickers do the same thing as normal stickers, but 66.6% more effectively. That is also a fact. Vinyl decals are the classiest type of stickers out there. We are unbelievably hyped on the selection of Flatspot Decals we have now! By our calculations we should now be completely untouchable.

Honestly though, if you like us, think the community we foster and take part in is rad, and want to support that. Buying a Flatspot Decal is a great way to show your support. Instead of getting them made in china, or somewhere equally cheap, they were made by Discount DieCuts, which is a decal sticker company operated entirely by broke ass skaters. Whenever we have the chance to employ another skater or support their endeavors we make sure to do so!

    If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at info@flatspotlongboards.com, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!



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