Flatspot Maryhill Fun Run with Coast Longboarding

There are few things in this world that are better than pack run with your friends. Just please for the love of god don’t rub wheels with anyone.

We sent flatspot hooligan Cam Fraser and trouble maker Les Robertson down to Maryhill to cause a ruckus and generally blow off steam. Many epic runs were had, shit was eaten, and maximum fun was achieved. Which is especially easy to do when you throw a whole of of skaters from Coast Longboarding into the mix. And a slice or two of team pizza to finish it all off. Riders include, Stumanchu, Raggie, Cody Lux, Bhakti, The Papa Les, Cam Fraser and some other people I can’t quite recognize cause I wasn’t there (says Mischa, who is sad he wasn’t there).



On this trip Les tested out a pair of Valkyrie Voxter precision trucks. Check out his feedback here. Another truck well suited to Mary Hill are the Skoa M-Specs with their directional design and really skinny hangers.




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