Flatspot Lathed Wheels Line-Up

We have spent a few years lathing everyone’s torched wheels. Now we have started making custom freeride shapes from some of our favorite wheels!

One thing that we pride ourselves on is knowing urethane. From making rain wheels, to the perfect freeride radius, we are always tinkering with wheel shapes anb specs on the lathe. After years of screwing around and making whatever we felt like, it seemed only appropriate that we make some of our favorite freeride lathed wheels available to everyone. We hope you like our own custom, DIY, torched wheel recycling, freeride wheel line up of the century!

We make these epic centerset freerides by taking scrubbed Biggie Hawgs and cutting off the beef. With the same long lasting urethane and supportive core in the standard Biggies, these are gonna be an exceptionally durable freeride wheel. The Biggie Smalls have a larger contact patch, which makes them ideal if you want to be able to shed speed and still grip lines. And because they are centerset you can flip your wheels and get an even wear all the way down to the core!


    The Rad Disadvatage wheels are turned down from scrubbed Rad Advantages. How we make these race wheels into sweet freerides is no secret. We them down to get ride of any coning, cut off the lips and radius the edges. These work amazingly as a freeride wheel, wear rather slowly, and at 71mm have a lot of life in them!


      The Flatspot Degenerates are made from Rad Advantages that are particularly thrashed. Meaning, we only make a set of Degenerates when we get a set of Advantages that have been skated down to around 65mm. We lathe them down into a small, sideset freeride shape, which are WAY more fun than their previous existence as torched lipped wheels.



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