Fivemile x Flatspot Highway Slide Jam VIDEO

There was a bus, a bunch of rad local skaters and the FiveMile team piled in, and the Fivemile x Flatspot Highway Slide Jam was ON. Quite possibly one of the most epic slide jams we’ve ever been a part of.

HUGE THANKS to FiveMile for coming out and skating with us, and showing all the local shredders a good time. It was nothing but shenanigans and good times havin them come stay with us at Flatspot. 

Can’t wait to do it all over again soon! 

HUGE PROPS to Cody Shea for being a boss, filming, driving, making stuff happen in general. Also, a thank you has to go out to the Shithawks for helping sweet up the hill, Jeremy Beefspank for helping build the ramps, and Evan Simpson Hull for maning the BBQ!