Cullen Arbuckle Easter Skateboarding In California With Alpine Media

Flatspot Team Rider and weekly Tuesday Techslide Captain Cullen Arbuckle made his way south for Easter to shred some golden roads in California and meet up with friends old and new. Read up on what went down on his adventure to Americaland with some banger photos thanks to Noah Gardner (@AlpineMedia) and Celina Thomson.

From Cullen…

Easter Weekend in LA

Over the past couple of years, I’ve tried to make a point of, every spring, escaping the soggy Vancouver streets for the sun-baked hills of Southern California. In years past however, my focus has always been on business, as trade shows and Industry work had always been the thing bringing me down the coast again and again. This year however was different. This year I skipped the trade shows and decided to put my work down and spend the trip with some of my favourite people. So after a year of dealing with scheduling conflict and trying to make plans work, we finally pulled it together.

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Myself, a glorified grom stuck in the body of a 25 year old, my girlfriend and travel buddy, Celina, and our friend and photographer Noah Gardner of Alpine Media. Together the plan was to take on LA, if only for a short time while getting in as much skating as possible and seeing as many old friends as we could. The next six days I can only describe as “Dense”.

Day 1 we spent out in our little neighbourhood In east LA searching for something to eat. Luckily Mexican food was everywhere and with it almost all being amazing, we set out to Santa Monica, our bellies full of burritos, for a parkades sesh with the Gel Lab crew until the wee hours of the morning.

Alan Sova Photo

Alan Sova Photo

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Day 2 was fishing in the ‘Bu on everyones favourite while soaking in the warmth from the giant fireball in the sky. Tuna was something that was on Noahs bucket list but one he didn’t really think he’d get a chance to cross off, so when we showed up and he got a proper idea of just how big it really is, we realized pretty quick that it was going to be a full day affair.

Day 3 was giving our legs a break to do touristy things and lurk around DT LA for the day. As it turns out, not skating for close to 7 months because of relentless rain and snow, then deciding to dive into a week long skate fest with next to no legs training is beyond taxing on the body. You learn mighty quick how weak your little chicken legs really are. On the bright side, Little Tokyo had some gems.

Day 4 (Saturday) was a day to turn up. After being spanked by the Fish for a solid day and still very much recovering from it, we decided to hit a local favourite to get in some chill runs without risking bricking ourselves. So the call went out for everyone to meet up at Mt. Washington. Between the mellow runs, we kicked back and caught up with good friends and shot the shit until our legs gave out.

Day 5 we spent on a long quest through Venice Beach to Santa Monica for the Loaded Boards Dock Session. As it was somewhere none of us had really spent any time, we wanted to take the entire day to work our way from the beginning of the Venice boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier, which as we found out two hours in, is about half the distance from here to the moon. We people watched and took in as much of the ridiculous randomness of the boardwalk until we eventually ran into the Loaded Crew on their way to the session and spent the rest of the night skating while the sun went down over the ocean. not a bad way to warp up our trip.

Day 6 was spent in airports slowly working our way home. All in all a great trip, even though it was way too short. We seriously can’t thank our friends enough for taking such good care of us while we were down there. Mike and all his house mates for giving us a place to crash and making us feel so welcome, Ari and John from Gel Lab for hosting such a rad parkade session, Camilo, Alberto and Kalil from Loaded for hosting the Dock Session, and all the other friends that we met or met up with that made this trip out so worth it.

Until we see you all again, keep spreading that stoke, wherever your travels take you.

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!


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