CITYSKATE – Vancouver Skateboard Amenities Strategy

The Vancouver Parks Board and Vancouver Skateboard Coalition have come together to build a Skateboard Amenities Strategy in Vancouver and help shape the future of what wheelie boarding might look like in the city for the next 10 years.

Currently in Phase 2, with a new survey open until November 8th, 2021 (more below), the City is hosting sessions, pop-ups, panels, and questionnaires to get skaters out of the woodworks and involved in the future of their City. The past months have seen some great events and good feedback, but we need more!!
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Presenting the NEW Loaded MATA HARI


Continuing the legacy of Loaded dancers, the Mata Hari embraces a progressive and rapidly evolving new era of longboard dancing and freestyle. Compact dimensions, lightweight construction, poppy kicktails, and a range of wheelbase options make the Mata Hari their most technically adept board for those who live to explore and challenge what is possible on a dancing skateboard.

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2021 Landyachtz Line Up Release

Who can believe it’s been another year!!!! Time has both dragged and speed by at the same time and our mind is blown both by how soon the 2021 has arrived and at how amazing it is!!!

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Flatspot’s Ultimate Night Out – Flatspot Longboards x Ultimate Distribution

Throwing it back to February 2019 and one hell of an Ultimate Night Out!!!

We were extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to hit up the Ultimate Distribution Warehouse for some classic skateboarding, pizza, and beer with our friends.

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Slappy Happy Techslide Tuesday

Techslide Tuesday has been jammed with faces new and old all summer long. As the days have gotten shorter, and colder, we have been stoked to still see some strong numbers joining us. Just because the weather turns, we don’t stop. Wetter can be better, especially when trying to learn some technical slides. No friction!!

Nevertheless, we were out in force last week and out for fun. Find out why we’re so slappy happy below…. // read more


Team Green’s Splash For Cash 2019 // Coast Longboarding

Jake’s Rash is a highlight of the Coast Longboarding Danger Bay experience and a legendary road in our race scene here in BC. Annually there is an off-season event dubbed Splash For Cash, in part because it is often wet thanks to coastal rainy season. While this expected wetness isn’t always the case, the Rash is always a bit hectic, and not a family event!

Get ready for the 2019 Splash for Cash coming up this weekend, with two days – Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th – on two different hills! // read more


Mario Kart Deathmatch Tour 2019 // Coast Longboarding Parkade Outlaw Series

This week is HALLOWEEN!!!! And what comes with Halloween? No, not candy or fireworks. Well, yes, that too. But more importantly, it’s the MARIO KART DEATHMATCH TOUR!! This may be our favorite event of the year. And what could be better? IT’S ON ACTUAL HALLOWEEN!!

Get all the details below and peep some footage from a past year to get stoked!! // read more


Anthony Kong // Technical Sliding Vancouver // Flatspot Longboards

Anthony Kong has all kinds of technical sliding skills and rips our local hills! // read more


CLBC Parkade Outlaw Series 2019 Details

Last Winter’s C.L.B.C. Vancouver Outlaw Series organized by the legendary Chase Johnson was some incredible fun. This Fall, Chase is bringing back outlaws and organizing a series of Parkade Races, coinciding with the regular Parkading that happens Thursday already.

The first race is coming up this week!!!

Meet @ Vancouver Art Gallery @ 8pm

Get all the details on the series below!! // read more


Loaded Boards Omakase Release

Loaded boards have done what is sometimes unimaginable and updated and added to the line up to include the all new Omakase directional single kick skateboard to their line up. Get all the details here and check out the new Palm and Roe versions of the Omakase. // read more