Alex Ameens Best of Bad Decisions – British Colombia – Flatspot Longboards

Alex Ameen is the best at capturing raw runs. That is a statement, and no one is about to argue it. So when you see “The best of” beside his name, you can be sure its worth watching end to end.

We are proud of this province. Not because it has a trump tower or because it sold old growth forests to the private sector. But because British Colombia is the origin of some of the best downhill skaters in Canada, nay, America. The gnar bar here is incredibly high, almost dauntingly so. Even our groms are freakishly good. In fact, all this epic skating makes it hard to just chill sometimes and enjoy watching a flowy b-grade run of some dude you’ve never heard of. Combine that with all the traveling skaters that gravitate to the geography and events here, and you have a recipe for bulk quantities of radness with roads to match. This edit is a great expose of both homegrown and visiting skaters all being tested by the mountains we all know and love.

Featuring: King Brian Elderkin, Alexis Labrecque, Madison Crum, Oscar Gutierrez, Mike Azanza, Troy Yardwaste Grenier, Garrett Gourley, Mark Short, Jordan Koehler, Levi Green, Eduardo Cordero, Ian McSherry.

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  • Ahmyo – Akasha DH – 76mm/79a


    A 76 mm tall 57mm wide essence of pure Downhill. With a 79a compact formula for those easy smooth slides and soft ride. A Tall, vented and stronger core to maximize acceleration.For the core placement we selected something different. We called it “INSET”. If you have turned your offset wheels around, you know what this feels. The inner lips will maintain the grip while the outer one will help you drift easily when needed, even freshies.

    Diameter: 76mm
    Contact patch: 57mm
    Durometer: 79A
    Core: Inset (Offset)
    Skin: Factory

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    Bigger Biggie Hawgs – 73mm

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    • Diameter: 73mm
    • Contact Patch: 66mm
    • Durometer: 76a, 78a, 80a
    • Lip Profile: Square Lip
    • Core Placement: Centerset
    • Formula: High Rebound



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