Become a Flatspot Brand Identity Tool

Support your local skateshop is a pretty played out mantra. But its as true as ever, and we have the absolute most effective way to do that. Just become a Flatspot Brand Identity Tool!

Nothing tells the world that you are a unique and free thinking individual more than apparel with our branding on it! We provide a unique sense of self, inherently separate from anything remotely mainstream, and ensure that your exterior is perceived by others as superior. Not only is our logo designed to foster envy in others, but the added vanity allows for the confidence required to be a talented skater. Through associating yourself with us, your social status will be lifted in a way that is inaccessible to others (unless of course they also associate themselves with us). Through our brand identity program we have irreversibly changed the lives of almost 9 people. Be the change you want to see in the world, and allow us to change you so you don’t have to!

We have two amazing specials to make you special. Our first option is the Baseball T, Bucket Hat and Large Patch combo. The baseball T features sleeves just long enough to save your elbows from mild abrasion but not so long they get caught under slide gloves. The bucket hats are hand sewed by skaters! Yes, thats right, you heard us, there is a sweatshop in the basement. Moving on. The large patch is a great way to fix that persistent hole in your favorite pants or a great feature for any patch vest. For committing yourself to a better life through Flatspot Swag we think you deserve more Flatspot Swag ie. you get a FREE Flatspot Tool, Small Patch and Two Buttons!


Our second option is designed specifically people who experience lower than preferred temperatures regularly. The Flatspot Hoody is black to signify the empty hopelessness of winter. The toques are meant to symbolize like mindedness with fellow skateboarders. This combination also has drastic and longlasting effects on your comfort outdoors in the Canadian dark time. To ensure survival we include a complimentary Flatspot Tool, Buttons and Large Patch.




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