Flatspot Longboards – Balance Bootcamp Sessions

Learn some tricks to improve balance and strengthen your core, all with the goal of skating better.


Skateboarding involves balance, and yes, the best way to practice skateboarding is to skateboard. Sometimes it’s nice to practice balance in a low impact manner (that doesn’t involve eating poop on concrete)

The aim of this session is to teach kids tricks for improving balance and ultimately your skating.


The three activities involved in our workshop to help with this are as follows:

Bottle boarding: involves a deck of any kind, and a 2l pop bottle. Some crazy people do tre-flips on bottle boards. . . . 

Ball boarding: is quite similar bottle boarding, accept instead of a bottle there is a ball (crazy eh?). It is great for learning how to control a deck that pivots on 360 degrees. . . Hard basket balls and dense medicine balls work well.

Slack Lining: Essentially tighrope walking, on a very bouncy rope. Popularized by climbers looking to maintain core strength during rest days, slack lining is a fantastic way to loosen up your limbs and get flowy.

We will teach you how to set one up, and walk across it!

So come out, enjoy balance on some stuff, learn some tricks, and you will definitely see a difference in your skateboarding if you work at it!

Entry: FREE

Participation: 10 people

**Bring an empty 2l pop bottle! Its good to have extra’s, sometimes they pop. . .


Event Dates – Click Link for Facebook event page:

Tuesday August 26th

Wednesday October 22nd

 Tuesday August 26th