Hawgs – Adam Yates – Frothcore Wheels

The Adam Yates Wheels // The Yate Dawgs are a sweet all round, centerset lipped wheel with a great wear pattern!

Adam Yates is about as OG as it gets. Not many people realize just how long this dude has been killing it. At least as long as Landyachtz has been around, maybe even before then! People like him put so much time and effort into skateboarding that the if you put all the people they inspired to start skating into a room, it would need to be a huge ass room. So we were super stoked to see that now Hawgs has a Adam Yates ProModel Wheel!

The 70mm Yate Dawgs are super grippy when they still have the skin and are smooth and predictable once they are broken in. Their centerset core makes them great as a freeride wheel, as you can rotate them to even out wear. The large core reduces chatter in the slide and adds to the role speed. Overall, super stoked on this wheel!


  • Hawgs – Adam Yates Pro – 70mm/80a


    Hawgs is excited to add the Adam Yates Pro wheel to our 2016 Line. Designed and extensively tested for the last two years, out team couldn’t be more stoked to see this ultimate lipped freeride wheel available for shredders everywhere. Cruising, carving, racing or freeriding, the Adam Yates wheel has got you covered.





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