Salt Spring Slasher 2017 – Flatspot Longboards

Salt Spring Slasher is coming up quick, and its earlier than usual this year!

Salt Spring Slasher is one of the more chill, fun oriented events on the coast. You can feel the competitiveness in the air during the last few heats of the race, but the rest of the time its just chill island vibes. Its one of our favorite events, spearheaded by Flatspot Team Rider Maxwell Kaye. Salt Spring is also just a beautiful part of BC, and is a pleasure to hang out in.

Despite being super chill. The race course is actually petty fast. Salt spring is covered in great hills, and this is one of the best. You get going pretty damn fast into the bottom corner. To get a clear picture, watch this Alex Ameen raw run of Laine Jackart.


Dates: May 13th (Race Day), May 14th (Freeride)

Registration Fees:

  • Pre-Register (must be before april 7th) – $80
  • Late-Registration (after april 7th) – $140Paypal or E-transfer to**

    Basically, you should definitely pre-register, as it makes the event running much smoother, and ultimately, better.**

Race Details: 

NO WRENCHING  – you are only allowed a single set of wheels for the entire race (do whatever you want for the freeride).

The Race is held on saturday (the 13th) and the freeride is held on the sunday (the 14th). This avoid injury and makes the freeride portion of the event less competitive.

Skaters are allowed to take all runs. That means that during the race, if you have been eliminated you are still able to skate runs.

Uhaul’s will shuttle the racers.

Bring snacks, lots of snacks! Do not expect to be fed on the race hill. Hit up the local grocery store in the morning and don’t get hangry.


There is a shared race campsite. We aren’t sure where it is, but everyone heads there from the race hill, so you can’t really miss it. Its free, and there is a lot of space. One thing is for sure, there are no amenities (running water, bathrooms etc). Come prepared to camp! Bring fresh water, toilet paper, food, and a coleman stove if you have it. But trust us, its more fun this way.

Hope to see all you hooligans there!


If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!


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