9th Annual Britannia Classic Presented By Flatspot Longboards [VIDEO]

Britannia was an absolute blast last year. Every hay bail had a spider in it and you know the bridge was utterly soaked. But alas, the classic is now more nostalgic than we could have ever hoped.

The 2016 Britannia Classic was an epic event. There were sweet bonus races  (small wheelbase and no hands), plus we ran a lathe on the side of the hill cutting rain grooves the entire time. The racing was top notch, which is to be expected at this point, and the vibes at the campsite after the race were just right. Will Edgecombe  was in town and took a big ol’ laundry list of banger photos of everything good on the Coast, and you can be sure Britannia was part of that.

Along with the rest of the downhill community we recently learned that there would be no more Bitannia Classic. That it would not make it to the landmark 10 years old.



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