By bringing back a full set of cored wheels you can get a deal on your next set of freeride wheels. If you plow through urethane it can get expensive, and we get that.

For a wheel to count as a cored wheel it must have its core EXPOSED. None of this faint core line underneath urethane crap. Finish what you started.

That being said, if you do not core all four wheels in a set, you can mix and match. But then you are left with an odd set of wheels afterwards. Its your call. Do you want to do those extra few runs on three cored wheels just to core the last one? Or will you just combine almost dead sets? If you are one of those people who religiously rides one kind of wheel, your consistency will pay off!

If you bring in one set of cored wheels, you  get 10% off.

You can summon the powers of this promotion once a day for one set of wheels. That means that the maximum you can get off on a set of cored wheels in one day is 10%. But if you shralp hard enough, you can do that every day of the year. At which point you should just be sponsored and not even worry about this deal.

Now that box of totally pooched wheels in the garage has some value! Get out there and put your suffering wheels out of their misery. We will accept their corpses, provide a price break in return, and then eventually do something hilarious with the cores. We haven’t decided what that is yet, suggestions would be appreciated.