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  • PNL_Strummer47

    PNL – Strummers (47 Degree)


    1. The double barrel setup is for sheer freeride mayhem or a very turny/leany DH setup.
    2. 47 degree baseplate
    3. 180mm hanger width- from bearing face to bearing face.
    4. Stainless steel insert in the baseplate machined to spec to match their own machined kingpins.
    5. Open bushing seat that captures the base of the bushing. This eliminates any bushings slop while still allowing for a great non-restrictive truck.
    6. Spherical ball pivot. This allows for the smoothest pivot experience possible.
    7. Why the “Strummer”? Joe Strummer of The Clash is why! RIP, Joe.

    Equipped with Riptide Bushings

  • Gullwing_WingedMunkae

    Gullwing – Winged Munkae Precisions


    Formed by Larry to be many toestops rolled into one!

  • Bear_Precision

    Bear Precision Trucks


    These precision milled trucks tip the scale on of high end product design with clean lines and unmatched performance. Using Titanium kingpins and axles we`ve kept the weight down to 350 grams per truck while simultaneously increasing strength and long-term durability. Shrink-interference axles eliminate slip and, with these, you`ll never have to worry about threaded axles coming loose. Engineered with a 45 degree baseplate and 8-hole mounting pattern, Precision Grizzlies allow you to fine tune your wheelbase for high-speed bombing and low-speed freeriding all at once. These trucks are the ultimate in downhill precision, once you go Bear, you won`t go back.

  • Rogue_50Rogue Precision Trucks

    Rogue – Precision (50 Degree)



    • Axel Width: 180mm
    • Baseplate Angle: 50 deg
    • Bushings: Tall Venom set of each 87a, 90a, 93a,
    • Pivot: 93a venom
  • Skoa_Stream7BLACK

    Skoa – Stream 7 – Black


    The Skoa Stream 7 delivers the highest in machining, material, and design quality. It has a very direct feel: quick turning and intense grip. The I-Beam design of the Stream 7 allows the truck to be aslight as possible, without sacrificing strength. State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques make the Stream 7 unlike anything else on the market!

    0 Rake

  • PNL_Strummer40

    PNL – Strummers (40 Degree)



    • Axel Width: 180mm
    • Baseplate Angle: 47deg
    • Bushings: 92a
    • Pivot: Ball
    • Rake: None