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  • valhalla-sho-stopper-deck-flastpot

    Valhalla – Sho stopper – Deck


    Fresh off the press and into our shop is Valhalla’s latest deck, The Sho Stopper. Designed by Flatspot Team rider Sho Ouellette by Valhalla Skateboards.

    Length: 38.5″
    Width: 10.25″
    Wheelbase: 25.75 – 27.75″


    • Slight w concave
    • Rocker
    • Fatty wheelwells
    • Symmetrical shape
    • 9ply maple contstuction



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  • Longboard-Larry-Flatspot-Longboards-Vancouver-Longboarding-_0008_Hippo.jpg

    Longboard Larry – Hippo



    • Length: 40″
    • Wheel Base: 25″ – 26″
    • Width: 9.75″
    • Construction: 8 Ply Maple
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  • comet_upcycle_deck_red_green

    Comet – Upcycle Cruiser – Deck


    The Upcycle Project was born in spring the of 2013.  On our first visit to PSSTIX, legendary skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt showed us a 5000 cubic foot dumpster full of veneer scraps.  It all clicked.  We asked Paul if we could make boards 100% out of that veneer if we spliced it together.  He had the equipment already and just needed Comet to make the shapes and bring the message to skaters.  Which brings us to today.

    Length: 28″

    Width: 8″

    WB: 15″

    Because each deck is a unique assemblage of various colored veneer plies, no specific color combination is guaranteed!


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  • Landyachtz_2016_Tomahawk
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  • Arbor_PocketRocket_Complete

    Arbor – Pocket Rocket AC – Complete


    A stashable mini–cruiser for snappy turns, quick maneuvers and fun local commutes. Artist: Kyler Martz

    L: 26.00”

    W: 7.75”

    WB: 14.00”

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  • Landyachtz_Ramathorn
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  • abec11_amber_freerides_64mm

    Abec 11 – 64mm Amber Freerides


    These brand new 64mm FreeRides with our stone ground finish will leave golden lines of thane right out of the box! They feature our wide “FreeRide Core” that provides extra support to keep them amazingly stable and smooth while sliding. They also feature our legendary classic 81a amberthane, which results in a smooth, fast and drifty wheel that won’t let you down. Set these up on your favorite small-sized freeride or cruising board and you’ll be one very happy camper.

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  • Landyachtz_RevivalSeries_PacificYew

    Landyachtz – Revival Series (Pacific Yew) – Complete


    The Pacific Yew Series.  

    Construction – 6 plies Canadian Maple core w/ Revival top and bottom plies.

    Made in Canada

    28″ Length I 8.5″ Width I 15.5″ Wheelbase

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  • Flatspot_BaseballTee
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  • Landyachtz_2016Wolfshark
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  • Yeehaw_TuckKnee_Windbreaker_Back

    Yeehaw – Tuck Knee Shredder Windbreaker


    This nylon double layered coaches jacket style windbreaker is perfect for fending of the elements. The Tuck Knee Shredder Windbreaker features a front left chest logo print and a full back piece graphic. Among the hard hitting style of this jacket are an insane amount of features you are sure to love.

    This windbreaker features top of the line wind and water repelling technology so you will stay warm and dry. Under the nylon outer shell is a warm fleece lining. Oh and there is pockects everywhere, two on the outside, one proper inside wallet pocket, and a super stealth inner lining pocket.

    The design on the back was crafted with immense skill by Jeremy Gardiner

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  • On Sale

    Sector 9 – Mini Lookout – Complete

    $278.00 $225.00

    37.5″ Length
    9.25″ Width
    28″ Wheelbase

    Complete with Gullwing – Chargers and 69mm S9 Raceforms

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  • On Sale

    Rayne – Reaper – Complete (Flatspot Build)

    $380.00 $275.00

    Length: 37.5″
    Width: 9.75″
    Wheelbase: 30-31″

    Complete with Vicious Grip, Bear 852 Trucks, 70mm/80a Cult Daredevil wheels and Zealous Bearings

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  • On Sale

    Bustin – Boombox TG – Complete (Flatspot Build)

    $330.00 $295.00

    Length: 38.5″
    Width: 9.75″
    Wheelbase: 25.5″ – 26.5″
    Flex: Medium/Stiff

    Complete with Poler Bear 180’s, 64mm/80a Classic 5-0’s and Zealous Bearings.

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  • On Sale
    APEX-PURPLE copy

    Sector 9 – Purple Apex Slide Gloves

    $55.00 $40.00


    • 50% Synthetic Leather
    • 10% Polyester/ 10% Neoprene/ 15% Spandex/ 15% Other
    • Delrin 9 Ball Pucks
    • 3mm Anti-vibration foam on palm
    • High Density Grip Print on Fingers/Thumb
    • Terry moisture wicking panel
    • Velcro Closure
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  • On Sale

    Sector 9 – Bomber DHD – Complete (Flatspot Build)

    $397.00 $290.00


    • Width: 9.75″
    • Length: 37″
    • Wheelbase: 25.5 – 28.75″

    Complete with Cast Rogue Trucks, 70mm Arbor Sucrose Summit wheels and Zealous Bearings

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