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  • Flatspot_Dragon_Decal_CHROME

    Flatspot – Dragon Head Decal – CHROME


    This beautiful sticker is coated in fake 24k gold flake guaranteed to increase your swag level by at least 2000%…plus they look good in the sun.

    Decal measures 6″x6″

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  • Flatspot_BarLogo_CHROME_

    Flatspot – Bar Logo Decal (Large) – GOLD


    Regular stickers are pretty cool, but vinyl decals are the dopest dope you’ll ever stick to anything increasing your ability to skate better…scientifically proven.

    Decal measures 9.5″x3″

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  • valhalla-sho-stopper-deck-flastpot

    Valhalla – Sho stopper – Deck


    Fresh off the press and into our shop is Valhalla’s latest deck, The Sho Stopper. Designed by Flatspot Team rider Sho Ouellette by Valhalla Skateboards.

    Length: 38.5″
    Width: 10.25″
    Wheelbase: 25.75 – 27.75″


    • Slight w concave
    • Rocker
    • Fatty wheelwells
    • Symmetrical shape
    • 9ply maple contstuction



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  • abec11_white_polkadots_64mm_81a

    Abec 11 – White PolkaDots – 64mm/81a

    • PolkaDots 64mm
    • Formula: Classic Cream
    • White / Pink Core: (78a)
    • Diameter: 64mm
    • Width: 40mm
    • Contact Patch: 27mm
    • Durometer: 78a
    • Lip Profile: Rounded
    • Core Placement: Centerset
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  • flatspot-hoodie

    Flatspot Hoody


    Straight black pullover hoody. We take each hoody and skate the bowl vigorously until we sweat like a fat kid chasing a piggy, just to give it that special flatspot musk. 🙂

    80% Cotton
    20% Polyester

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  • Yeehaw_TuckKnee_Windbreaker_Back

    Yeehaw – Tuck Knee Shredder Windbreaker


    This nylon double layered coaches jacket style windbreaker is perfect for fending of the elements. The Tuck Knee Shredder Windbreaker features a front left chest logo print and a full back piece graphic. Among the hard hitting style of this jacket are an insane amount of features you are sure to love.

    This windbreaker features top of the line wind and water repelling technology so you will stay warm and dry. Under the nylon outer shell is a warm fleece lining. Oh and there is pockects everywhere, two on the outside, one proper inside wallet pocket, and a super stealth inner lining pocket.

    The design on the back was crafted with immense skill by Jeremy Gardiner

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  • freewheel_dumbs_v2

    Free Wheel – Dumbs v2 65mm/78a


    If you’ve ridden the Dumbs before, then you should give the V2s a try. The all new “Gold Standard” urethane DUMPS thane, feels good in a slide and we love them.

    65mm at 78a…perfect for getting rad.

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  • Flatspot_PocketLogo_Tee_FRONT

    Flatspot x Skate Invader – Pocket Logo Tee



    This collaborative effort to create the sweetest shirt possible is a product of non-other than Flatspot The Magic Dragon and Jonathan Nuss of Skate Invaders. Do yourself and pick up one of these beauties before they’re all gone.

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  • Flatspot-Baby-Toque

    Flatspot Toque – Pint Sized


    Toques…or beanies or whatever else you want to call them serve many great purposes. While they look cool and keep you warm they can double as a small bag, be used to wipe sweat from your brow and even used to clean up a spill. Ultimately use them how you will.

    We’ve made a special run of pint sized toques for those babies and little ones in your life.Hook them up and guaranteed they’ll be the coolest kid on the block…or stroller.

    *Please note color of toque varies slightly from photo…especially with the Dark Navy Blue and Grey*

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  • comet_upcycle_deck_red_green

    Comet – Upcycle Cruiser – Deck


    The Upcycle Project was born in spring the of 2013.  On our first visit to PSSTIX, legendary skateboard manufacturer Paul Schmitt showed us a 5000 cubic foot dumpster full of veneer scraps.  It all clicked.  We asked Paul if we could make boards 100% out of that veneer if we spliced it together.  He had the equipment already and just needed Comet to make the shapes and bring the message to skaters.  Which brings us to today.

    Length: 28″

    Width: 8″

    WB: 15″

    Because each deck is a unique assemblage of various colored veneer plies, no specific color combination is guaranteed!


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  • Flatspot Longboards Bucket Hat Family photo

    Flatspot Bucket Hats


    100% skater made, these rad dome pieces are for anyone with a head on their shoulders.

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  • skoa_mspec_trucks

    Skoa – M.Spec – 154mm

    • Race / Downhill / Split Angle

    The M.Spec burnt orange/black limited edition carries on in the tradition of Skoa Design. This narrower hanger was specifically designed for racing by team rider Matze Ebel and co-owner/machinist Reinhold Uhrner. It features a new take on our I-Beam design while still maximizing the strength to weight ratio as well as incorporating asymmetrical rake and split angle plates. These aspects come together to bring you an agile truck with slalom-like grip and great straight away stability.

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  • On Sale
    BOMBER copy

    Sector 9 – 2015 Downhill Divison Bomber – Deck

    $223.50 $120.00CAD


    • Width: 9.75″
    • Length: 37″
    • Wheelbase: 25.5″ – 28.75″
    • Materials: 4 Ply Triaxial Fiberglass
      3 Ply 0.125″ Maple
    • Concave: Double You Mold
    • Features: Wheelwells
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  • On Sale

    Predator – DH6 Fullface Helmet – Fluro Lime

    $325.00 $200.00CAD

    The DH6 is the top choice for many pro and amateur riders looking for the ultimate in lightweight protection and style.

    Comes in one shell size with a fit kit of pads including 2 size cheek pads to insure a proper fit. A regular tinted visor comes installed with a clear visor included in the box. Includes a fleece lined.

    Sizing: ONE SHELL SIZES (53cm-61cm or 21″ to 24″).

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  • On Sale

    Sector 9 – Carbon Flight – Complete (Flatspot Build)

    $330.00 $240.00CAD


    • Width: 9″
    • Length: 36″
    • Wheelbase: 26″
    • Materials: 5 Ply Maple, Fibreglass Sandwich, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
    • Concave: Taco Mold

    Deck Only
    *Please note these decks are marked down to do cosmetic blems and scratches*

    Complete with Gullwing Reverse trucks, RAD Feathers and Zealous Bearings.

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