• Flatspot x BOY – Skate Monster – Long Sleeve Shirt


    BOY has been a legend in Vancouver Skate and Punk scenes for decades and is one of our neighbours living here in the Downtown Eastside. BOY came by one day with this blue Skate Monster for us that we absolutely love. We’ve had this up on our wall, along many others over the years, but this Skate Monster was never for sale because it was a gift to the shop and one of our favorite pieces.

    Together with BOY we decided we’d make this art into some apparel. So we digitized the canvas, tweaked it just right, and sent it across the street to the fine folks at Blim to screen for us. Proceeds from each sale of this image will go back to BOY in perpetuity – every shirt sold goes to support BOY directly.

    **If you wanted a canvas for your wall, we have an ever changing selection of original, one-off pieces in store. This blue Skate Monster is not for sale, but there are others. Just send us a message if you want to buy some BOY art and we can show you what is currently available.

  • Coast Longboarding – Danger Bay x Cabot Trail – Hoody


    These Hoodies were released into the wild at the Attack of Danger Bay 17 and 100% of the proceeds from this apparel goes straight into Striker's hands!

    Support Coast Longboarding's latest and greatest endeavour to establish a Church of Skatan on the Cabot Trail! It's not going to be easy, and it's not going to be cheap. But it will be absolutely amazing.

    Striker has put in decades of passion and hard work building, facilitating and supporting the downhill longboard community here on the West Coast. Now it's time to do the same on the east coast and tie this whole country of speed freaks together.